Workshop – Self care for coaches, healers and therapists

Self care for coaches, healers and therapists

How to go from sessions that drain you to a nourishing and vibrant work flow!

  • Have you ever experienced feeling exhausted after a client session?
  • Had clients you can’t stop thinking about long after the session?
  • Feel nervous, anxious, unprepared or any other emotion you’d rather not feel before a session?
  • Get stuck in the middle of a session and panik or freak out because your mind goes blank?
  • Have you experienced fatigue, burnout, stress related related to work and don’t want this in your life?

This is all very common, most of us experience all or some of this at some point in our careers. And the good news is that there are simple techniques that can help you change this.

Join me for a workshop where we explore how to create before and after self care practices that will help you:

  • Support your well being before, during and after the session
  • Help raise your vibration as you work and keep it that way when you’re done with your work day
  • Create a deeper connection with yourself as a coach, healer, therapist
  • Allow you to feel energized and joyful after sessions

This is what you will get from the workshop:

  • Practices to use before a session
  • How to take care of yourself during the session
  • Self care after the session
  • Your own personalized soul aligned self care practice

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