I was born in 1969 and currently live in Linköping, Sweden with my husband and two children 10 and 17 years old. I was born in Uppsala, Sweden but grew up in Spain and Argentina. When I finished high school I continued moving to the UK, US and eventually ended up in Sweden when I was 23 years old. I thought I wanted to work with cultural relations between different countries but when my mom died from breast cancer I realized that wasn’t at all what I wanted. In my early twenties, living in the US, I started becoming interested in alternative medicine and eventually realized I wanted to become a midwife and work with natural birth.

After several different jobs (aupair, secretary, teacher, massage therapist) and thoughts about not being ready to shoulder the responsibility of being a midwife, I started the long journey to becoming a registered midwife. Through extra high school classes, nursing university, work as registered nurse, the birth of my first child, and the start of midwifery school in Gothenburg, I moved to Linköping where I finally got my degree in midwifery 2008, proud as ever!

The dream I’d had for 17 years had finally come true!

My journey – from cronically tired to coach

Getting a job was easy, the shortage of midwives was already big. I loved the work, I loved midwifery! There was so much exciting to keep learning about. Being part of the moment when a child is born, the first time after and the development that occurs during pregnancy was a blessing.

The work situation though became a burden too heavy for me to bear. The combination of a stressful work situation and my inability to set the necessary boundaries and take care of myself as a highly sensitive person became too much. I burnt out for the first time in 2014, did everything to come back to work (I loved my job…) but was diagnosed with ME/CFS chronic fatigue in 2015.

I’ve lived my life believing I have to adapt to other people. I’ve understood this intellectually for a long time but it’s not until these past years, after being sick, that I’ve started to realize what I can do about it. The first time I went to a psychologist was as a 20 year old after my mom died. That became a turning point for me, the insight that there had to be something more than this physical life, something more to healing than what I’d seen in hospitals so far.

After several courses and different therapeutic modalities things started to fall into place. During the spring of 2017 I attended a course called Bli Själsklar (Become soul clear) that gave me the tools and the wisdom to broaden the road that I was on. I’ve gotten better att listening to myself, to my soul, my heart, my belly, my emotions. I don’t mean that this occurs without challenges, I often veer off the road but it becomes easier to get back on it because it’s wider, it’s easier to trust my own ability to listen inwards and to trust what I hear.

When I teach relaxation techniques I talk about there being a barely visible path in the brain the first time you do it. The more you practice the wider the it gets, finally becoming an easily accessible freeway. That’s the road I’m on when it comes to listening to myself.

With time, I took more courses, the latest one in London where I became a Coach, Hypnotherapy and NLP Practitioner. This course has given me a wealth of practical techniques to easily create the changes I want in my life as well as helping others change their lives in the desired direction. If you want to read more about this you can do it here.

As I’m not one to sit still I recently embarked on a year and 9 month long training to become a Love, sex and relationship coach. This is primarily for my own growth but will obviously be extremely beneficial for my clients

My wish is to share my experiences and hopefully inspire you the way so many others have inspired me during my journey.

Welcome! ♥

My education

I believe that we are not our trainings, diplomas or certificates; in other words we are not what we do. We are sooo much more than that. On the other hand you might find it interesting to read a little of what I have in my rucksack:

  • Massage therapist – Axelssons Gymnastiska Institut Stockholm 1993
  • Registered Nurse – Linköpings Universitet 2001
  • Registered Midwife – Linköpings Universitet 2008
  • Bli Själsklar – Kreativ Insikt Carolina Gårdheim 2017
  • Shine Your Light Mastermind – Kreativ Insikt Carolina Gårdheim 2018
  • Healers Process – Katherine Bird 2018
  • Treating Trauma – NICABM 2018-2019
  • Lightning Process – Åsa Firth 2019
  • Clinical Diploma in NLP, Coaching and Hypnotherapy – Phil Parker Training Institute 2019-2020
  • Wholeness – Connirae Andreas, Andreas NLP Training 2020
  • Love, sex and relationship coach – Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality Ongoing
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