Challenge yourself for the sake of happiness, isn’t that worth a try?

The following text I received during a meditation. For me it summarizes the biggest challenge of them all, listening to ourselves and actually following the answers we receive. I struggle with this on a daily basis, some days are easier others are harder. I see people all around me also struggling with exactly the same thing. So how do we go about it, facing this challenge? I invite you to read the text and I’ll give you further tips afterwards.

“True power comes from self-reflection. No power is meant as a suppressing energy, yet that is the way many humans use it wrongly causing harm. One must first find that inner self, that place of inner power, that inner feeling of fulfillment, from here power can then be exerted to do good in the world, to create peace and harmony, without fear, without feelings of constrictions but from a place of utter self-love and a need to share this love with the universe.

Each and every one of us can in stillness ask ourselves what we need to reach this place of inner peace, self-love. The answer will come to you. You will need to trust this answer and bring forth courage to follow it through. It only takes one time to get a sense of the effect of this practice, to get in touch with that inner voice that holds all the answers needed. Remember, check on your expectations, what are they and are they possibly keeping you from hearing that tiny whisper because you’re expecting a roar, something dramatic? Remember that your inner voice might have been shut down for several years because you chose to adapt to the outer instead of the inner world. This is the greatest challenge humanity stands in front of, the challenge of trusting our inner selves. If happiness is what you’re seeking, the only one who can show you the way to true happiness is YOU. So go on, try it for a day, and be your own guru, your own sage, your own wise woman/man for a day! What have you got to lose? Your feelings of being unfulfilled? Isn’t that worth a try?”

We all have it, some days more some days less, there may even be days where we don’t have it at all… that nagging feeling that this isn’t really what I want to do, this isn’t really what makes me feel good, there’s something else I’d rather be doing, or that that there’s something that isn’t right… So how do we meet this challenge, how do we find true happiness? Below are some tips on how to work with this:

What are your expectations? Sit down in a quiet undisturbed place, take a few deep breaths and ask yourself what expectations you have of the following things:

  • What is a happy life?
    • What does my inner voice sound/look like?
    • What expectations do I have of myself in life?
    • Are these expectations realistic?
    • Do they bring me joy?
  • Ask your self in the same way, what can I do today that will bring me true happiness?

Listen carefully, as it says in the channeled text, you might be listening to a voice you’ve told to shut up for years. Think about it! If someone told you to shut up for years, how would you sound once you started to speak again, or attempt to speak? It’s the same for your inner voice, or at least for your ability to hear this inner voice. I find that heaps and heaps and heaps of self compassion are necessary here, because I get frustrated. At times I think I don’t hear anything just to realize afterwards that the voice was there, I just didn’t realize that was what it was because I had expectations that clouded my hearing. That’s why it’s good to start with looking at your expectations, because they’re often the ones that will stop you from hearing/seeing.

When you ask yourself what brings you happiness the answer may be silence, that you don’t hear anything because silence is the answer. I find this very common in the beginning because silence is another key to hearing. If there’s too much other stuff going on (phone notifications, internet, facebook, radio, people, thoughts about what do do next at work, for dinner or whatever) it will be harder to hear that soft, subtle inner voice. Ask for help out loud! Say the following:

Please help me hear my inner voice!

You’re not alone! There are many out there just sitting around waiting for you to ask for help. I dare you to try it out! 🙂 What if it just might work?…

Patience is another key. We live in a world expecting quick answers. We’re used to having answers a click away on the allmighty google… Well, guess what, the most important answers aren’t always on google… I’m not saying they’re not there ’cause you might just be asked to look something up there, but most of the time the answer will come as a feeling, a word, a phrase or a picture that pops in your head, a picture you see somewhere else, something someone says, something you see in nature, it can come from anywhere. The key is how it feels inside, it will trigger something in you. It might make you feel like “Yes! that’s exactly what I want!”, “Yikes, that feels a bit scary…”, or it might make you feel warm inside, give you butterflies in your belly, make your palms sweaty, or a very subtle sensation that you’ll get better at recognizing the more you practice. ‘Cause as with everything else its takes, practice, practice, practice!!!

I’ve highlighted some of the key words because I often find this very helpful, keeping things as simple as possible. Let me know if you need any help or have questions about this. From august on I will be offering sessions through Skype so send me a message if you’re interested. I wish you much joy, love and self compassion on your journey! 

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