Love your fears

Almost 2 years ago I was given a text that has resurfaced in my awareness. It is a text about healing our inner warriors, about healing our inner fears, about putting down our weapons and choosing from a place of love instead of fear, choosing and living our lives from a place of joy. Today, I choose to share this text again along with an exercise I posted on Instagram (in Swedish, let me know if you’re interested in an English version and I’ll be happy post one) about how to live our lives from a place of joy. Click here to reach the Instagram post.

We’re done fighting the male suppressing energy. We’re done with the barricades. We’re done with the walls. All this just consumes energy we could be spending healing ourselves.

We need to heal our inner Warrior. We need to heal the collective consciousness of the Warrior.

We need to embody this energy fully so that the weapon of choice becomes love, not war.

We are the creators of this new era, an era of love and understanding, of peace and forgiveness, of magic and light, an era where we all see the divinity in one another, the beauty and the joy of this life that we’ve been given.

You are the one, the one chosen to make all this happen, every one of you are the chosen ones because we all have the ability to make change happen here and now, one step at a time.

It is crucial that we begin with the Warrior. The wounded Warrior today creates too much alienation, alienation between people and within ourselves. It creates war, war between nations, war between people, war within ourselves. It creates frustration, conflict, focus on conflict instead of focus on the warriors true purpose that is protecting light and love.

Our egos, our reptile brains have used this energy for survival. Now is the time to heal and redirect this energy towards the protection of light and love.

Find the warrior within you and ask the following questions:

  • What do you want me to do?
  • How can I heal my inner warrior?
  • How can I heal my inner fear?

If you ask these questions with an open heart you will receive answers. These answers may appear in many different forms, you may hear something, see a picture inside your head or somewhere else, you may be moved by something you see on TV or in a movie, in a magazine, or by something someone says. Be aware and pay close attention. Find that inner brave Warrior and do what you’ve been asked to do.

We need and army of Light Warriors, an army that stands confident and grounded in the Light of Love, with their swords in their sheaths and their shields at their sides, ready to be a beacon of Light and Love.

Many blessings on your journey! ♥

PS I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, a text that came to me after a meditation on the Warrior archetype.

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